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Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club (GHARC) started in April 1954, is a nonprofit, IRS 501.(c).3 recognized, organization dedicated to Amateur Radio. We promote science, math, education, public service, emergency services and preparedness through HAM Radio use and provide a support network for all levels of Amateur Radio enthusiasts and interested parties. We provide technical support, training, and Volunteer Examiner (VE) for license testing at all levels for Amateur Radio enthusiasts 

Latest News for Grays Harbor Amateurs

GHARC 2024 Events

GHARC - Activities Committee - Events 2023

Gravel Unravel Series

Why-Not-Chee 2024

Why would a group of bicycle races want to ride around Wynoochee Lake ? Why Not which is the name of the event coming up July 20th, 2025. As part of the Gravel Unravel series organized by Peninsula Adventure Sports, Why-Not-Chee is a bicycle race around the lake that has three courses.

Amateur Radio is used for safety communications as this area is know for very limited services. Cellular works in very few locations, Public Safety has had known challenges in the area for decades and even operates a seasonal radio site to improve communications.

Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club, GHARC has been assisting with communications for the even the past three years deploying tactical repeaters at key locations and preparing for a larger event in the area

If you are an amateur radio operator in the area, you are welcome to join in our efforts to provide safety to the attendees, volunteers and our other fellow amateur radio operators


INFO - WhyNotChee 2024.pdf 

INFO - WhyNotChee 2024

Grays Harbor DART 2024

Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club provided communications for the 2024 regional Disaster Air Relief Transport exercise on Saturday 

June 8th - Hoquiam and other locations

June 9th - Pt. Roberts and Bellingham

Here are some links and check back as this story will have more images and information

Bill W7NY - SOG Pilot YouTube - N7428R - 1966 PIPER CHEROKEE 140 

Field TechOps - May 23rd 2024

Thursday May 23rd is an odd Thursday, GHARCFTO APRS Object is up and live with current information. Here is the expected schedule:

Google Earth image with Live feed - try this at home

The Lewis and Clark Trail on the Air special event is an on air activity that commemorates the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. The trail covers 4900 miles through 16 states. This includes the disembarkation from Camp Dubois and what is referred to as the Eastern Legacy. The event is sponsored by the Clark County Amateur Radio Club with support and participation from clubs in all 16 states along the historic trail.

Lews and Clark Trail On the Air 2024

Date: June 1st, 2024 to June 16th, 2024 (May 31st, 5pm Pacific - June 15th, 5pm Pacific)

Time Start: 0000 UTC

Time Ends: 2400 UTC

Operating Hours: 24 hrs/day for duration of the event

Simple Rules: Contact one club in each of the 16 states on the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. Operating modes include SSB Phone, FM Phone, CW, and FT8. Any combination of modes towards working all 16 states is allowed. A schedule for planned operations for each state will be posted on this web site.

Certificate: Certificates can be requested for two classes of participation:

Participants making contact with activating stations from one or more states will be able to purchase a certificate after the event. Certificates can be delivered either as an emailed PDF, or printed on high-quality paper and shipped. If you purchase a paper certificate, we will also send you the PDF version. Certificates will be available for purchase through July 31, 2024 via the Certificates page. PDF's will be emailed starting July 31st. Printed certificates will be mailed on September 19th.

On the Air Exchange: The on-air exchange will include call sign and state for CW and Phone. FT8 will be the standard exchange: call-sign, signal report, and grid square.

Logs: Only the activating stations in each of the 16 states along the trail will submit logs. Logs are not required from hunting stations. However, it is courteous to submit your personal log to Logbook of the World or other logging entity. Please submit your request for a certificate by July 31st of the activation year.

History: 2022 was the inaugural event for this activity.

Information: For more information, please send us a message at

GHARC and ARRL Field Day 2024

The ARRL Field Day is always th e last full weekend in June and this year the event is June 

Reach The Beach 2024

Saturday September 28th, 2024

Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club particpates in the American Lung Associations, Reach The Beach annual event. We along with local ARES member's and Olympia Amateurs work together using amateur radio to provide particpant and volunteer safety communications.

This year, Reach The Beach, RTB, will be Saturday September 28th, 2024. This event starts in Lacey and ends in Westport. The route is US12 to SR107 and then SR105, you will see RTB on the roadway and you would be stationed somewere on the route. No radios are required but a dual band mobile would be ideal, we can supply a radio if you need one.

Bruce WA7BAM is the coordinator for the Amateur side, to get more information contact:

Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club



What are Amateurs Building in Grays Harbor

North Bay 220 Mhz Repeater

Clay KJ7ZPM has started with operating a 220 Mhz repeater on what is called the 1.25 Meter band. This is considered VHF but has the properties of both UHF and VHF 2 Meters. This repeater is currently a low level and low power reaptear and is mixed-mode

Temporary Repeater Information

224.100= 88.5hz CTCSS analog

224.100- CC1 for DMR and currently using the TED Talkgroup Deck

Coordination with WWARA will be initiated next.

Services and Programs GHARC Provides

We will be adding all three local NOAA Weather Radio, NWR systems to the streaming soon as well as some more local amateur radio

GHARC is Live on Broadcastify

Field TechOps - Odd Thursdays in 2024

If it is Thursday then GHARC likely has TechOps at 1430 on Google Meets, use the link at the top of the website to access the meeing, you do not need to login or have login information to join the meeing.

If it is an odd numbered Thursday then we will likely be having TechOps in the Field. Signup for our emails to receive advanced information as to the location of the meeting. We also are available on the W7ZA Repeater System and we usually announce the event there several times. For some holidays or weather issues if we cancel the field version of TechOps, we will continue with regular TechOps on Google Meets.

For Field TechOps, we may meet at at different time but if possible will have Google Meet active at the normal 1430 time for regular TechOps and normally we will have TechOps up as soon as we arrive in the field.

We will assign a tactical call for the event and use W7ZA as the call sign.

Cascadia Radio Olympia Meetup Sunday March 3rd

Cascade Radio is a great Pacific Northwest Amateur Radio Social Media Platform that provides a Discord server for all amateurs, you can sign-up or join the server at:

Cascadia Radio Discord Server