GHARC Code Plug Generator

Coming Soon !!!

GHARC has a local DMR Codeplug generator that allows you to create a local codeplug with all PNW Digital repeaters as well as local simplex and repeaters.

Want a custom graphic for your Anytone 878 radio ?


Scan List


The magic and unique part of DMR. Two audio channels in 12.5 kHz but only works in "Infrastructure" mode which just means a repeater. You can see your radio ping the system looking for a source of clock and allowing the time slots to be created



Download Current RDT

This codeplug will have W7ZA as the callsign and soon we hope to have a Club DMR ID number as well. The best procedure is to just edit the DMR ID section with your callsign and DMR ID but do not add a new one. This will setup the code plug to have your information.


This is meant for our testers, use at your own risk so you don't end up with an Anytone Brick

Beta RDT GHARC_20230302

This is the Beta GHARC Codeplug, this is for those testing the next offical release.